The following are links which were found useful during my research:

405 Alive This is a magazine dedicated to enthusiasts of the 405-line television system

Alan Turing Home Page Alan Turing has been credited as the inventor of the modern computer and is best known for his codebreaking

Alexandra Palace Home Page The home page for Alexandra Palace, details of tours, opening hours, functions etc. can be found here

Alexandra Palace Television Society An enormous archive website dedicated to Alexandra Palace and the television history that took place there

Appliances That Changed The Home Forever - many thanks to Ms Sarah Cogan and her student Abby for suggesting this site to me as part of her science project at school (good luck with the science project Abby, and keep up the good work!).

Audio Amateur's Periodicals Various magazines for the dedicated audio enthusiast

Audio Engineering Society The senior organisation for audio engineers

Centre for the History of Defence Electronics An museum based at Bournemouth University which aims to record the history of radar

Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War is a website for the history, science and engineering of cryptanalysis in World War II

Cranfield Bletchley Park The Bletchley Park centre, now open to the public, best known for its codebreaking activities in World War Two

Defford Airfield Information from Worcestershire County Council about the history of the airfield from which Halifax V9977 took off in 1942

Electronics World Magazine Electronics World (Incorporating Wireless World) is dedicated to all areas of electronics design, presenting innovation, news, research and reviews

Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine Everyday Practical Electronics ("EPE") Magazine is the UK's No. 1 Electronics Magazine for practical electronics technology

Gramophone Magazine The worlds leading classical music magazine

Handley Page Halifax Bomber Page Website dedicated to the Halifax Bomber with detailed specification, squadrons, roll of honour

Highgate School The school on Highgate Hill in North London which Alan Blumlein attended

History of Television Technology An archive of information about television museums and the history and development of television technology

History of the Radar and Radio Installations at Truleigh Hill A fascinating site which looks at one of the originally secret radar research stations

Imperial War Museum Based in Kennington, London, this museum has exstensive exhibits and a comprehensive library

Institution of Electrical Engineers The senior organisation for electrical engineers

Marconi Calling A fascinating website which has numerous details of the Marconi/EMI high television development project in 1930s

Mix Magazine MIX is the world's leading magazine for commercial and project studio recording, concert sound, audio for film and video and more

Line Up Magazine Index Line Up is a magazine for audio and broadcast engineers, and the official publication of the Institute of Broadcast Sound

National Museum of Photography, Film & Television Based in Bradford, this museum has exstensive exhibits and a comprehensive library

New Scientist Magazine A magazine which covers all aspects of science

Sound Mirrors on the South Coast Phillip Charlton's home page with a fascinating and in-depth article about Sound Mirrors

Television Magazine Television is a monthly magazine concerned with the technical aspects of domestic TV/video and associated equipment, particularly servicing

The Birth Of Radar Memorial Stone Placed about 7 miles SE of Daventry along the B4525, this stone marks the spot where the first Radar experiments were carried out in 1935

The British Film Institute The senior organisation for film engineers and film related material and matters

The British Library The national library for the United Kingdom

The Official Alan Dower Blumlein Website This is the website for information regarding Alan Dower Blumlein and related material

The Radar Memorial Window At Goodrich Castle Details of those who gave their lives for radar research between 1936 and 1976

The Royal Radar Establishment Based at DSTL (formerly DERA), Malvern, this site has an enormous database of historical information regarding radar

The Royal Society The senior organisation for the sciences

The Royal Television Society The senior organisation for television engineers and television related material and matters

The Unofficial Guide to the BBC Beginning Again A site which is dedicated to the history of television from 1946 when the BBC returned

Time Team Forum from the popular Channel 4 programme 'Time Team' discussing the future of the Sound Mirrors on the South Coast of Britain

Tube Links Richard Sears audiofile webring page which has articles and links on amateur vacuum tube audio from around the world

Victors World Of Television Victor G.Barker A.M.I.R.E.E. Aust.takes you through the early years of television broadcasting in the United Kingdom

World's Earliest Television Recordings Restored Totally dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the earliest television recordings

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