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Biographical details of Author Robert Charles Alexander and how to contact him
Details of the book 'The Inventor of Stereo - The Life and Works of Alan Dower Blumlein' here you will find reviews and a synopsis of the book
A list of all 128 of Alan Blumlein's patents, many of which are reproduced in full for you to look at
A list of references used in the book as well as links to associated and interesting websites
Simon Blumlein, elder son of Alan Blumlein talks about his father, and details of how to contact Simon
You can purchase the book here from Amazon with this direct link
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Details of the forthcoming Television Documentary of the life of Alan Blumlein due for broadcast in June 2003
Direct link to the home page of Focal Press (part of Butterworth Heinemann) publishers of the book

Anniversaries in 2004

Alan Blumlein 100th
Anniversary 29/6/03