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During the four and a half years of research that went into the writing of the book
'Inventor of Stereo - The Life & Works of Alan Dower Blumlein', a great deal of recorded material was gathered
and used. For the first time, I am making these recordings available on the Official Alan Dower Blumlein Website.
They can be listened to by clicking on the links below or downloaded to you computer hard drive.

Below you find links to the Alan Blumlein streaming audio files.


These files can be listened to while you are online.

You do not need any special audio software plug-ins to listen to the files.
In order to optimise the load time for online listening, you may click on two or more files at once.


Audio Files #1 (.mp3) - J B Kaye
(in 2 parts)
Total running time (2 files) = 5 mins 05 secs @ 11.025kHz

J. B Kaye, was Alan Blumlein's great friend and also best man at his wedding in 1933 (see picture). Here he talks about first meeting Blumlein in 1924, how they became friends at once, something of the nature if his character and some of the projects and antics that they used to get up to in the laboratories.




Audio Files #2(.mp3) - Doreen Blumlein
(in 3 parts)
Total running time (3 files) = 9 mins 04 secs @ 11.025kHz

Doreen Blumlein married Alan Blumlein in 1933 (see picture). Here she talks about how they met and their first date. Then she goes on to tell how he explained his idea for stereo to her one evening in the cinema. Finally, she talks about his work on television and in particular the test process at Alexandra Palace.


Other Audio Files - Radio Interviews #1

Other Audio Files - Radio Interviews #2

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