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Robert Charles Alexander is an award-winning author and consultant audio engineer having worked in the professional audio industry since 1983. He has an Honours Degree in Law from University of Lincoln. Born in Hampstead, London England in June 1964, he was educated at the renowned Rudolph Steiner education system where he trained in classical music reading, composition and arrangement. Following graduation from College in London at the age of 21, he was instrumental in the organisation of a major fund raising project for the 1985 Live Aid appeal. In 1989, he travelled to America working in Los Angeles, before moving on to Australia working as a Product Specialist, MI Division for Yamaha Music. While in Sydney, he first studied and then began lecturing at the SAE Institute, subsequently becoming Principal Lecturer, Course Co-ordinator and Pro School Director.

In 1996, following his return to England, he was appointed Executive Editor of Audio Media, then the world’s leading professional audio technology magazine, and launched the US version of the publication in late 1997. During his time with Audio Media he travelled extensively throughout the world writing key articles on the industry and gained a reputation for keen, concise written work underlined by detailed research. Since early 1999, he has become a full time consultant to the professional music industry. In 2004, he was appointed Marketing Director (Education & Professional Content Division) of Waves Audio Ltd. He continues to lecture at Universities and Colleges around Britain. He has been a member of the Music Producers Guild, an associate member of the Institute of Broadcast Sound and a member of the Audio Engineering Society.

His first book, ‘The Inventor of Stereo – The Life & Works of Alan Dower Blumlein’ (ISBN 0-240-51628-1), was published in August 1999, to world acclaim. It has since been dramatised in a documentary for television and a one-hour programme for BBC Radio 4 (broadcast in August 2008). Details can be found at

His second book, ‘The Misner Factor – The Official History of SAE Institute’ (ISBN 0-9545163-0-3), is a biography of SAE Institute founder and owner, Tom Misner, and was published in July 2003. Details can be found at

His third book, ‘Why We Climb – The Harsh Reality of Modern Mountaineering’, is co-written with world-famous mountaineer Daniel Mazur, and tells the story of their expedition to climb Mount Everest in the spring of 2004. It was published in November 2006. Details can be found at

His fourth book, ‘Michael Gerzon – Beyond Psychoacoustics’ (ISBN 978-0-9560160-0-3), is in many ways a sequel to his first book on Alan Blumlein, and continues the story of acoustic development with the genius of British inventor Michael Gerzon. The book was published in November 2008. Details can be found at