100th Anniversary of the birth of

Alan Dower Blumlein

June 29th 1903

June 29th 2003


Sunday, June 29th 2003 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Dower Blumlein.
He was born on Monday, June 29th 1903 at 31 Netherhall Gardens (just off the Finchley Road), in Hampstead, London.

The following is a series of photographs to celebrate the short life of Alan Dower Blumlein,
and the long lasting legacy of his work.

Alan Dower Blumlein taken at the family home in Hampstead in 1907 when he was aged 4
School photograph from Ovingdean Hall School in 1915, aged 12

Photograph taken from Blumlein's pilot's licence issued 15 October 1928 when he was aged 25
Sitting on a park bench during a rare moment of relaxation in 1934

Alan Dower Blumlein married Doreen Lane at St John's Church, Penzance Cornwall
on Saturday, 22 April 1933

The Blumlein's with their sons Simon (born 1936) and David (born 1938), taken around 1940
The classic photograph of Alan Blumlein as it appears on the front cover of my book

Alan Dower Blumlein addressing a packed meeting of the IEE at Savoy Place, explaning the newly installed High Definition Television System at Alexandra Palace on 21 April 1938

To date, the only memorial specifically dedicated to Alan Blumlein is the Blue Plaque erected at 37, The Ridings, Ealing,
the last house in which he lived before he was killed.

Alan Blumlein Blue Plaque at 37, The Ridings, Ealing

Other Anniversaries

June 2002 - 60th anniversary of Blumlein's death

September 2002 - Defford Memorial Unveiling

Significant Anniversaries in
2003, 2004 & 2005

November 2006 - 70th anniversary of Television at Alexandra Palace

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